"Ensuring integrity, security, fairness and transparency in the operation and administration of the Lottery"

Our Services

Our Services provide users with various forms of entertainment and ways to win prizes big and small. As a player and registered member of the Services, you may have access through different devices (such as mobile phones and tablets) to a collection of resources including community-building tools and forums, personalized content and a wide range of branded programs.

As a user member of the Services, you understand and agree that the Services may include advertisements that provide players with information about different entertainment and programming options.

We approve the Lottery’s budget and business plans to make sure we achieve our mission — providing supplemental funding for California’s public schools and colleges.

A Commitment to Responsible Gaming

As a member of the global lottery industry, Newark Pools has a long history of being a strong supporter and promoter of responsible gaming. We are committed to the highest standards of responsible gaming to prevent problem gambling, which can adversely affect individuals and their families. 

Newark Pools dedicates significant resources and staff time to:

- Better understand and support responsible gaming

- Bring awareness to the serious issue of problem gambling

- Encourage players to play responsibly and within their budgets

District Offices and Online Agents

The New Jersey State Lottery operates nine District Offices across the state. When you visit any of them, you can get help filing your claim for prizes of $600 or more. Remember to sign the back of your ticket, then bring it to any of our locations listed below Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on state holidays.

Our sales channels also include legitimate online agents which can be found in our website.


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